Syphilis Holiday Health cards!

$7.50 - $21.00

"A healthy nation is a happy nation" - old timey President dude.

In 1956 the GLORP Gum Company got into bed with good ol' Uncle Sam to help raise awareness about potential holiday related public health situations that could interfere with the country's post-war economic boom.

The campaign was a very successful failure for the GLORP Gum Company. The posters were seen as more disturbing than informative, and were only posted in flop houses, abandoned rail cars, and shoe stores with X-ray machines. The poor circulation of these posters saved the company millions in printing costs. Pocketing that sweet government contract money kept the struggling GLORP Gum Company afloat for the next decade!
These 4" x 6" heavyweight postcards are offset printed on recycled 16pt heavy cover stock with an AQ matte coating.

Purchase these cards in packs of 6, 12, or 21!