Gory Ghoul Sticker: FIST FACE


This fashionably faceless fiend melty was torn from the pages of the last ever issue of the infamous GLORP comic: SPOOKILY WEIRD TALES OF TERROR! The legendary cursed comic #666 was said to be beset with bizarre deaths of over 30 artists and editors alike! Finally published after Italian blacklight poster artist (and alleged warlock) Filippo Abbandonato took control of the project in 1971, now we have taken the most famous portraits from the ALLEGEDLY cursed panels!

From the backup story "THE FACELESS FIST OF DR FRIGHT" comes this fantastically foul face of fear! A perfect addition to any sticker collection!

Size is 3.5" wide and 4.5" tall and is not guaranteed to be black light sensitive and contains less than 8% human blood per volume

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